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Terms And Condition

MariachiSocial.com is a website that offers a Mariachi directory service and is working on becoming the Mariachi directory leader of the industry.

  • 1.- The information you display in MariachiSocial.com is your responsibility and will be monitored by you.
  • 2.- You will not use the directory to advertise anything other than mariachi music services.
  • 3.- MariachiSocial.com is not responsible to answer any of your gig leads.
  • 4.- The monthly subscription payment will sustain your mariachi listing on MariachiSocial.com.
  • 5.- All though we believe that through our services you will have much more exposure for your musical group MariachiSocial.com does not guarantee any specific success and is not responsible for any failure of the membership program.
  • 6.- MariachiSocial.com is not responsible for any fees that our emails or data could acquire, our goal is to communicate and alert you on new leads to your Listing as soon as possible.
  • 7.- MariachiSocial.com is a way to connect you to gig leads, but it would not be added to any contract or third party agreement as a guarantor.
  • 8.- We reserve the right to remove any Mariachi listing that we believe is not meeting the guidelines or is acting unprofessional according to our MariachiSocial.com Terms and conditions
  • 9.- You give your consent to fully promote your Mariachi listing profile on Mariachisocial.com under the level of your membership.
  • 10.- You will be responsible to upload any content you want to add to your Mariachi listing, we will remove any content that we think unlawful, offensive, threatening and obscene.
  • 11.- You understand your Mariachi listing will be promoted on MariachiSocial.com only when your membership is paid up to date.
  • 12. MariachiSocial.com is a directory that finds you gig leads and connects you to possible clients brought to you by MariachiSocial.com whether through our online forms or by calling the client directly is at your own risk, we disclaim all liability with regard to your access to any client listed on the gig leads generated by our site.
  • 13.- You will not use your leads personal information to share, sell, promote, offer outside products or promotions other than your Mariachi services.

Mariachi Classroom and Refund Policy

MariachiSocial.com is the first website that will offer a specific type of services, so we need close attention to the guidelines and conditions. MariachiSocial.com is only a service provider company and is not responsible for the acts performed at the time of the class during conference call. In order to maximize the experience of our sers we have develop some Terms and Conditions for our classroom.

  • 1.- You will be serious about scheduling a class with any of our instructors.
  • 2.- You will attend to all of your schedule classes or if you cannot attend you will message your instructor to reschedule.
  • 3.- You will only have three opportunities to miss a schedule class, after the third you will be denied to schedule any more classes for a period of time. (specified by mariachisocial.com)
  • 4.- If not satisfied with the class you will be credit a class session to schedule with other of our instructors. You will only be refund when you cannot attend any other classes or be unhappy with our classroom. Please email sales@mariachisocial.com to open a ticket.
  • 5.- You should come to a classroom with positive attitude and desire to learn.
  • 6.- You should set up your computer in proper classroom environment with no distractions for a better experience. Use headphones and faster internet connection enhances the Mariachi social classroom experience.
  • 7.- You will be required to pay your class, before it starts.
  • 8.- You have the right to leave a comment and/or rate your instructors profile.
  • 9.- You will not try to negotiate pricing of any class or product offer in MariachiSocial.com
  • 10.- The class taken Is yours to keep and you have the right to keep a copy or record it.
  • 11.- None of the mariachisocial.com instructors will assure you immediate improvement on your music skills, but is your responsibility to practice regularly to get better.
  • 12.- We reserve the right to monitor and record the classroom of any of our members and instructors.
  • 13.- You agree to follow our terms and conditions to better your experience with MariachiSocial.com
  • 14- MariachiSocial.com is not responsible for material posted up on your page for new clients/members to see, we will not tolerate any defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, offensive sexually oriented, threatening, racially, harassing , offensive or illegal material and or any material that infringes or violates another party's right or against the law. Notify us for any kind of infringes you believe should be reported to claims@mariachisocial.com
  • 15.- At the time of class you will not have any type of background images that show, nudity, violence, pornographic, obscene images, distractions or business advertisements.
  • 16.- You will wear proper clothing, suitable for class. Examples. ( Polo shirts, long sleeve shirt button up shirts and pants or nee long shorts at all times.) Unacceptable (Miniskirts, transparent clothing, thigh shorts or anything that would be too revealing in any way) Please be proffesional at all times.
  • 17-You will not show any kind of pornographic material or sexual references such as nudity, vulgar language, sexual suggestive language, material and personal information not related to doing business in mariachisocial.com or share any kind of offensive material to anyone on MariachiSocial.com or linked and or connected to mariachisocial.com classroom.
  • 18-You will always maintain current contact information on your profile, including on your main profile page as it may help you get more exposure. Giving False information and or information not belonging to you is a violation and not be tolerated by MariachiSocial.com
  • 19-We Reserve the right to add any images or edit any information we feel appropriate at anytime for any reason.
  • 20-Stalking and harassing any person in any way will not be tolerated, you will not violate anyone in that matter through MariachiSocial.com
  • 21-You will not advertise or solicit to other clients and members to buy and sell any products or other services through Mariachisocial.com website, we will not be responsible for any issues brought by such kind of acts.You will not transmit any kind of chain letters, spam, or junk email to clients or members in Mariachisocial.com. Please report to claims@mariachisocial.com of any violations.
  • 22-Any statements made by you that might imply are endorsed by MariachiSocial.com, without our prior written consent will not be tolerated.
  • 23-We are not responsible for Any music posted on your page as it's your obligation to determine affiliation of songs uploaded to mariachisocial.com You are advertising yourself and your group which makes you responsible for all material used, we do not have the permission to post any music or material from other artists on MariachiSocial.com By using our services you are agreeing to use any music and material at your own risk and take full responsibility for it and agree that by uploading music or material you have unrestricted permission to post such music or material. Contact ASCAP and BMI artists, please contact them directly for any concerns. You will not frame or bring problems to Mariachisocial.com, understand that we are a site working for you to get you exposure and work for your own benefit, MariachiSocial.com intentions are not to violate any clients or members teachers students or anyone who is welcome to our site, but expand your business for the sole purpose to make a wonderful new experience for you any anyone in our site, we bring this site to all with positive caring energy and expect everyone to embrace it in the same matter.

Content and Information:

Mariachi Social Network Terms

  • A. You must be 13 years or older to use Mariachi Social. If your under 13, you need a consent from your legal guardian to make an account with Mariachi Social.
  • B. You must provide your full legal name, a valid email address, and any other information requested by Mariachi Social in order to signup.
  • C. Mariachi Social free accounts trying to be registered by other automated methods are not permitted.
  • D. You are fully responsible for maintaining the security of your account and secret password. Mariachi Social will and cannot be liable.
  • E. You may not create a account with Mariachi Social if your a registered sex offender.
  • F. You are solely responsible for all the content posted and activity that occurs under your Mariachi Social account, and you give us permission to share your content as your intellectual property such as photos, videos with a sub license royalty free world wide IP license content permission to post or connect to Mariachi social.
  • G. By signing to Mariachi social you give us permission to share your content as your intellectual property such as photos, videos with a sub license royalty free world wide IP license content to post or connect to Mariachi social.
  • H. Only one person or legal entity can maintain a free account.
  • I. You may not use Mariachi Social for any illegal or unauthorized purpose including but not limited to applicable copyright laws.

  • General Conditions for Mariachi Social

  • J. All content posted on Mariachi Social must comply with u.s. copyright laws
  • K. Your pro?le and materials uploaded to Mariachi Social remain yours. However, by setting your pages to be shared publicly, you agree to allow others to view and share your content. We claim no intellectual property rights over the material you provide to Mariachi Social but we are permitted to use your content for your any mariachi social activities.
  • L. Mariachi Social will not be pre-screening content, but Mariachi Social has the right to refuse or remove any content that is available.
  • M. Mariachi Social has all its rights reserved. You may not duplicate, copy, or reuse any portion of the HTML or visual design without the express written permission from Mariachi Social.
  • N. You agree not to duplicate, copy, or exploit any portion of Mariachi Social, or access Mariachi Social without the express written permission by Mariachi Social.
  • O. We may remove content containing content that Mariachi Social determines are unlawful, threatening, offensive, pornographic, obscene or violates any members or instructors intellectual property.
  • P. Written, verbal or other abuse or threats of abuse or retribution of any Mariachi Social user, guest, employee, or member will result in immediate warnings or account termination.
  • Q. You are not allowed to upload, post, host, or transmit unsolicited email or SPAM messages to Mariachi Social and its members and instructors.
  • R. You are not allowed to transmit or upload any computer VIRUSES or WORMS or ANY CODE for the matter that may be harmful or destructive to Mariachi Social.

  • S. Mariachisocial.com does not guarantee that:

    • (1) Mariachi Social will be uninterrupted or error-free.
    • (2) Mariachi Social will meet all your speci?c requirements.
    • (3) The results that are obtained from Mariachi Social may not always be accurate or reliable.
    • (4) That the quality of any Mariachi Social services or other material purchased from Mariachi Social will meet all your expectations.

  • T. You understand and knowingly agree that Mariachi Social will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages.
  • U. The terms of service constitutes the entire agreement between you and Mariachi Social and your use of Mariachi Social superseding any prior agreements between you and Mariachi Social.
  • V. Any questions about the terms of services with Mariachi Social should be sent to claims@mariachisocial.com Canceling and terminating your account with Mariachi SocialW. All of your content will be deleted from Mariachi Social once cancellation is ? nalized (24-48 hours). Your information cannot be recovered once your account is cancelled and deleted.
  • X. You are responsible for properly canceling your account. You can cancel your account at any time by submitting a cancellation request by sending an email to support@mariachisocial.com with instructions for Mariachi Social to cancel your account and the user name on the account.
  • Y. Mariachi Social in its sole right can suspend or terminate your account and refuse any and current or future use of Mariachi Social, Mariachi Social services for any reason at any time. Such termination of Mariachi Social will result in the deletion or deactivation of your account and the forfeit and renouncement of all content in your account. Mariachi Social reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.

Changes and Updates to Mariachi Social

Mariachi Social will update this policy regularly. We will notify you about any and signi?cant changes and information by sending a notice to the accounts primary email address speci?ed in your Mariachi Social primary account holder or by placing a notice on the

Mariachi Social site.
        We are currently in beta testing. We will appreciate your feedback.